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About Marcy Moonstar
Astrologer, Artist and Performance Poet

As a San Francisco native Marcy began studying astrology and writing poetry as a teenager in the 60's. She has traveled and lived throughout the northwest developing her unique style of performance poetry and astrology.

Astrology from the Mundane to the Spiritual

Marcy has been practicing astrologer for over 40 years integrating mythology, psychology and feminism with astrology. She gives her clients insight into understanding their potential for success, and interprets their past, present and future cycles, empower them for their future success.

Marcy studied with many well known astrologers including Dana Rudyhar, Richard Idemon, Marcia Starch and Tony Joseph. In Berkeley she participated in a one-year program in experiential astrology with Jim Shere. And in Eugene Or., she studied astrology and healing with Dean Price. She has taught Astrology classes in the Bay Area and in Oregon. She is currently working on expanding her present Chapbook Woman Spirit Astrology. She is available for readings by appointment.

You can invite Marcy to do reading at your event or social gathering. She will also be doing workshops and Classes in the Fall. You can find Marcy at the Sunday Fremont Market doing readings and sharing her poetry. Call ahead if you want to be sure I am there and if you want a complete chart reading with your birth chart. Marcia has astrological greeting cards especially for women.

Performance Poet and Artist

Marcia began performing her poetry in coffeehouses and bookstores. Her unique style of poetry has grown over the years to include music, dance and masks. She completed her first book of poetry called "Dancing the Dance of Self" in 1991 and started Celebrate yourself greeting cards. She has performed at The Globe Café, Art Not Terminal Gallery and at the Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle. In Dec of 2000 she introduced her new band Poetic Magic at her performance at the Chai House in Ballard. In the summer of 2003 Marcia performed her poetry for children at the Island earth fair on Vashon Island and the Herb fair in Bellingham. She is in the anthology "Sister Singing" which was released in 2009. Marcy is available to perform, do workshops and readings at your party or event.

Mission and Vision Statement


To inspire, empower and encourage people and especially women in their process of discovering their inner muse and awaken their creativity.

To share my performance poetry that is spirit filled from the deep soul of the collective unconscious, taking you to a magical world filled with world music, dance, animal masks, and mythological stories. It is my hope that through sharing my creativity I can help to create a more peaceful and joyous world, where we can keep our imagination alive and connect with our dreams and visions of a better tomorrow.

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